Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Miss Giraffe's Class Love

It has been forever since I last blogged. I have been so busy.  My class that I am working with is a challenging class. But I wanted to get on here and tell you how much I love Miss Giraffe's no prep packets lately. If you are new to my blog I am an at risk teachers aid, so I push into classrooms and teach small groups to students that are below grade level. It is a great job. Due to the fact that I teach the lowest of the low in first and second grade, I start every year teaching short vowels.

Short Vowels

When I am looking for things for my small groups to do, I like to look for things that have lots of different ways to practice the same skill. I also look for things that after some guided practice my students can do independently. I also try to find things that will be fun and engaging. This year I fell in love with Miss Giraffe's short vowel no prep pack. This pack is great! It has many different activities, and it is easy to get ready. There is coloring, writing, and cut and paste. One of my students favorite, is called I love to read. The students have to read the sentence, and then match a picture to the sentence. The pictures they have to cut out and paste which the students think is really fun.

Here is one that one of my students finished. 

Here are two pictures of my students working on these. The first time we worked on them it took them a little while after they got the idea, they now try to speed through them.  

I love this particular part of the no prep packets because the students have to read the sentence, and can practice using decoding skills with quick sentence and then a fun cut and paste part. There is so many other things I could talk about with these no prep packets I could probably go on forever. However I will stop. Please go check out Miss Giraffe's Class blog, she is amazing and I am so glad I found her great packets this year. 

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