Saturday, August 8, 2015

Our Teaching Tribe - August Challenge

Hello! Welcome to my blog! If you are a new person welcome I hope you will enjoy and if you have seen my blog before thank you for coming back. I LOVE Facebook groups. They are super helpful. If you ever have a question there is always someone around to try to answer it. One of the great Facebook groups I'm in is called Our Teaching Tribe. This month we are doing a challenge. During July we voted on what we all wanted to do and the decision was a Product Swap. SO I switched off with another new Teacher Pay Teachers author. Her name is Kristen and she is super sweet. I got to review two of her products that go together. Her blogging name is Miss Fancy Pants, and I highly recommend find her blog and TPT store. Here is a picture  of her button which I LOVE.
The two products that she gave me to review are Quick Fact Checks Addition Facts  and Quick Fact Checks Subtraction Facts.
 Quick Fact Checks - Addition Facts  Quick Fact Checks - Subtraction Facts
These are great products. They are quick checks to see if students know their addition and subtraction facts. They have the same format, which I like because then you can teach how to do these once at the beginning of the year and then you can use them all year. On each page there are two quick checks. Each quick check has 10 problems and Kristen suggest that you give your students 30 seconds to complete. This is another thing that is great about these is that they take 30 seconds so you can do them really quickly at the beginning of a lesson.  
Each one is broken up into 3 parts. Facts up to 10, 15, and 20 for addition and then facts within 10,15, and 20 for subtraction. There is 9 pages for each section and then 2 per page so you end up with 18 quick checks. I think this will be great for my first graders although it could work really well with Kindergarten too. I use mad minutes with my second graders which is 30 problems in a minute. 
I teach small groups which you all know if you have read my blog before. So I always try to think how can I use these quickly in my small groups, or how I can use them for a whole small group. I also try to think about ways I can copy less being a paraprofessional I don't have the lovely help of parents or really anyone else so anything I can do to make my life easier with less coping I love. So instead of just using these wonderful quick checks as a paper pencil activity. I decided to try to laminate them, and it came out really well.
I printed them first. Cut them in half and then laminated the two quick checks in one lamination pocket. Then cut it in half again, which does mean that you cut twice but then you have lamination edge on all edges which does keep better. This will be great for my small groups. 

Make sure you check out Miss Fancy Pants's Teachers Pay Teachers store for other great amazing products! To keep hoping click the picture below!


  1. ooh this is such a great product for a quick little review and on the go assessment ! Thanks for linking up ;) I love your blog design

  2. Can never have enough ways to review their addition facts quickly! How fun.

  3. Great mini assessment! Great idea to laminate them to use in small groups.