Saturday, August 1, 2015

August Currently

August is here. (insert sad face) :( I love school, and I love teaching, and I can't wait to go back......but I also love taking a nap at 1 in the afternoon, and I love being able to work on things because I want to and not because I'm teaching it next week and it has to get done by then and I love being able to relax and go at a somewhat slower pace of life. However I still do have the entire month of August yet, I love Michigan and our late school start date. Anyways that was a long side track from why I started this blog post I'm linking up with Farley for August's currently!!

Listening - Mike and Molly I love listening to TV shows while I work. It drives my husband up the wall because he can't concentrate with the TV on, but I can't live without something on.

Loving - I am loving that the Teachers Pay Teachers sale is coming up on Monday and Tuesday!!!! I have so much work to do. I have to go through my whole wish list and see what things I need now and which things will have to stay.

Thinking - I'm trying to write a to-do list for the week and then each day do one or two things off of it. We'll see if this works. I have been trying different to-do list this summer to see what one I really like so that when school comes I will have one that works really well for me. 

Wanting - WAY too many things from Teachers Pay Teachers. My wish list must be pages long.

Needing - To start getting stuff done. I had very ambitious goals at the beginning of the summer and so many things have come up that not very many things have actually gotten done.  So I really want to start getting things done. 

B2S RAK - I'm not really sure. But I love this idea, so I'm going to think about it. Being a teacher's aid I don't like to get the students gifts if the teacher I work with isn't, just because I don't want her to feel bad. But I think I would like to do something nice for her. Let me know if you have a good idea in the comments. 

I hope you have enjoyed learning about what I'm doing currently. If you would like join this linkly go to Farley's blog and join us. This is my second one, and I have enjoyed it both times!



  1. Great Job! Yes this monthly link up is a lot of fun! I am super excited for the big TPT sale also! I can't believe back to school is already here!

    1. Me either! I'm so glad we aren't starting for a while yet because I have a lot to do!

  2. My wish list is ridiculous too! Sometimes I go through and can't even remember putting things on there! Have fun shopping!