Friday, July 17, 2015

Five for Friday


I am bringing you my first Five for Friday post. I'm really excited to be blogging again because I have kind of taken a week off. So I thought I would link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching and tell me about my life.

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I'm taking a cake decorating class. So I made my first two layer cake, frosted, and decorated it. I forgot to take a picture of it last night but this is what it looked like after my husband brought it to work today. Most of its gone must be a good sign. :)

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I worked. I know, nothing fabulous about that but I'm working a part time job from my computer. Although I might prefer working on TPT selling stuff, unfortunately its doesn't pay that well. So I'm working from home this summer, and doing TPT selling. 

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I went to the beach. I didn't take any pictures because I wanted to spend time with my hubby and his family so I left my phone in the car. If I don't leave it there it's too much of a temptation. I love the beach last week I was there Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, different beaches but still. :) 

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I started school supply shopping. As much as I love school and I want to get back....I love summer. I love having the time to do fun things, like go to the beach, making TPT items, reading fun books, vacation. The start of school supply shopping means its coming to an end. But I found some awesome bins, and glue sponge materials from Dollar Tree and highlighters from Office Depot. 

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I started reading Guided Reading:Making it work.  I have just read like the introduction but so far I like it. I'm thinking of doing a blog post linky about what I'm reading right now. So this would be part of that. Look for it this coming week. If you would like to link up with me comment below and I'll let you know when it goes up. 
I hope you enjoyed my first Five for Friday! Have a great weekend!


  1. Love that you left your phone in the car!! I hate when I find myself looking at my phone instead of enjoying the moment! Moore to Learn

    1. I do that ALL the time. I need to leave it away from me more often!

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